Food Bank fulfils needs of orphans

Around 210 members of this voluntary organisation feed 400 hungry people every Sunday.

By   |   Published: 14th Feb 2017   9:59 pm
Food Bank
Food Bank Founder Naveen Serving Food to the Children at Orphanage. Photo: By Arrangement

Nizamabad: Food Bank is a voluntary organisation, which has been serving food to 400 orphans every week at Nizamabad city. Nearly 210 volunteers serve in this organisation by sharing expenditure.

Founded by Chanti Naveen, a resident of Aryanagar, on February 14 last year, the organisation spreads love by serving food to orphans, needy persons and beggars who sit on roadside and pavements. Naveen prepares food in his house, packs it in aluminum foil containers and serves it to 30 people. The package contains rice, two types of curries, curd and banana in quantities sufficient for one person.

Naveen’s aim is to feed at least 30 needy people per week with his own expenditure. After getting to know his kind gesture, Naveen’s friends and 30 other volunteers joined the organisation and extended help for the cause by sharing the expenses.

Within six months, nearly 160 members joined Food Bank, which has now grown to 210 members serving food to 400 needy people every Sunday. When others got wind of this information, many came forward to either become volunteers or provide donations for food preparation.

Every Sunday, the volunteers gather early in the morning at Naveen’s house and start preparing food at 6 am and by 7:30 am they finish cooking and packaging the food. Later, they move to different locations in Nizamabad city with food packs to serve food to the orphans, beggars, and the destitute who sit near temples, hospitals, and on footpaths who seem to wait for Food Bank members to feed them.

Moved by the plight of the helpless people, Naveen started his noble effort on Valentine’s Day to spread some love and cheer, and later named his voluntary organisation Food Bank.
Rajanna, a beggar, said that every week the Food Bank members serve them good food, and they keep eagerly waiting for them and the delicious food. He blessed the Food Bank members for fulfilling their food needs.

Food Bank members celebrated their first anniversary on Tuesday and decided to serve more members as they step into the second year of service.